Be a Volunteer

A kind heart and a helping hand is all that it takes to fuel a change.

Umang family would welcome you with open arms if you’re passionate and feel for the cause and would dedicatedly and selflessly work towards building a safer and a more inclusive world for the disabled.

How to Apply?


Volunteering is open to all. Anyone can apply to become a volunteer. The process requires a volunteer to visit the center and spend some time with students (couple of hours) so that they know what they are volunteering for. They will be placed in classrooms or any other department where a staff constantly guides them.

Please fill in the Volunteer Form & submit online.

To get a certificate of as volunteer you have to put in at least 15 days work. Working hours & duration of work for volunteers is as per their choice.

For our overseas volunteers we have a different procedure; interested volunteers can send us an email on

Internship (for students only)

Submit a letter from the head of the department or Principal of the college introducing the trainee and stating their expectations as to what the trainee should be doing during the internship. If grading has to be done, it should be informed at time of application. A certificate is awarded at the end of the internship.

Volunteer Form