In whatever we do, love & care is the essence and equality is the core.

Umang strives to give persons with disability an opportunity to live life with dignity and independence.

Facilities at the Centre

Centre for Special Education

Centre for special education is one of the largest education centre in India where the students are taught as per their ability. The program has been divided into 3 major groups.

Academic Groups
Academic Groups

(Recognised by NIOS) These groups follow the structured board curriculum. No concessions are given with regards to content & curriculum and the students have to appear for open board exams.

Functional Education Groups
Functional Education Groups

The curriculum is specially designed to teach the students basics of English, Hindi and Math. The students are trained to become efficient in reading and writing both Hindi and English, apart from this they are equipped with general awareness of environment and functional math like time, money and measurements. After functional education the students move on to the vocational training unit.

Special Groups
Special Groups

Reach out to the severely challenged with the objective of training them in Activities of Daily Living (A.D.L) and building a two way communication. After the age of 18 years these students are moved to the day care program.

Sports, Recreation and Cultural Diversity

Besides academic and functional knowledge, we believe education needs to include creative stimulation, physical exercise & mental health. Therefore, we embed our teaching with sports, recreation, and arts such as dance, theatre, painting and craft.

Every year, Umang's students participate in :

  • Sports Camps organised all over India by Special Olympics, Bharat
  • Dance Workshops organised by Shiamak Dawar Academy of Performing Arts, Mumbai, and Jayshree Periwal Group of Schools, Jaipur
  • Painting workshops are conducted with the support of Madeliene Benzziger from Switzerland
  • Celebrations at School - Festivals & other significant days
  • Outdoor Activities include picnics, treks, outstation trips and various public performances, exhibitions, national and international sports meets.

At Umang, our aim is to foster a reasonably independent lived life with confidence and self-esteem.

Therapy Department

Led by highly experienced therapists, this department ensures holistic development of individuals by focusing on their mobility. It acts as a catalyst in the learning process, developing an effective coping mechanism and enhancing communication skills.


Department has a team of full time physiotherapists who assess, plan & implement the therapy program, providing mobility aids, designing special furniture, assistive devices & referring cases for surgery.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Involves working on the hand functions, sensory Integration and improving hand-eye coordination.

Speech Therapy & Language Training
Speech Therapy & Language Training

Enables speech development, planning alternate and augmentative communication, speech correction, and developing assistive devices for feeding and pre-speech exercises.

Vocational Training

Pre-vocational training starts at the age of 16 years whereby a lot of skills and pre-vocational activities are offered to assess the aptitude of the student. By the age of 18 years they join vocational training in any of the following units:

  • Stitching
  • Hand Made Paper Products
  • Bead Work
  • Cooking
  • Handicrafts

The objective of training is to develop the traits required to make the individuals, job ready and financially independent. The training takes around 2 to 4 years after which suitable job options are mapped and trainees are sent for job training on site.

For those who cannot get a job or are not suitable for open employment are sent to the production unit.

Production Unit

Job orders are taken and products are made as per industry standards. Close supervision ensures quality. Products made in the unit are exported and sold in boutiques. All young adults with disabilities working in the unit start with minimum wages and get regular increments. All payments are made through cheque and everyone has a bank account. This instills in them a sense of financial independence and boost their self confidence.

Distance Learning
Stay at home Development Program

Children residing out of Jaipur or those from Jaipur who are not attending any regular program are reached out through our especially designed Home- based Program. Individual assessment of the child is done followed by an Individual Intervention Plan for which a family member is trained to implement the same at home. Regular follow ups are done by a team of special educators, physiotherapists and speech therapists.

Inclusive Education
Fueling Change

A number of activities are organized every year to facilitate and promote inclusion of specially abled in schools and colleges. Some of the activities include training teachers from schools, holding awareness programs, providing support to resource cells of schools, sensitizing students, supporting parents to fill gaps, using innovative teaching methods, etc.

Future Change Agents
in the making

If you wish to make a positive difference and bring about a change in the lives of people, here’s your chance.

B.Ed In Special Education

The course is recognised by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI) and affiliated to University of Rajasthan. It is a two year program to train graduates to be special educators, resource teachers in mainstream schools and other NGOs.

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